Astrology or Jyotisha is an ancient science and used to predict future since long back.Astrology is the master of all occult sciences.
After consulting us a person will be psychologically satisfied and he will move towards positive ways of life.

Vedanga Jyotisha Vidya Prathishsthan is a registered institute, members of this institute are working in occult field since past 10 years. Our institute is teaching and giving consultation is Astrology, Numerology, ….. vastushashtra  or palmistry.  We are  helping people to solve their problems by using astro, numero, tarot, vastu and palmistry, we suggest remedies like denotation of different cereals, worshipping particular god on particular day, using energized stones, using energized threads of particular colour.
Our book on   Numerology   [Numerological Aspects]   is going to be published   on
11th october 2007